Moving across the dynamics of feelings and rythms of matter, Oltrarno Recordings presents “Observing Organic Structures”, a mini LP produced from the duo Raccoglimento Parziale.
The breath of analog machines tarnishes the infinite mirrors of possibilities. Our duo wants us to absorb their work not only with the ears, but through all our pores. Attention becomes our antenna.
To refine this package, long time friend of the duo Spacetravel, who just released his debut double-EP on Perlon, elaborates his personal view with a full galloping remix.

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Out on: 16/12/2016

Catalog Number: OLT03

Limited to 250 copies. Only Vinyl.


a1 – Gravitational Fire
a2 – Gravitational Fire (Spacetravel Rmx)
b1 – Inter – independence
b2 – Cavitation
b3 – The Blue Sky
b4 – Resonances